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解决 Route 53 地理位置问题 - Amazon Web … 2020-7-16 · 如果递归 DNS 服务器不支持 EDNS 客户端子网,请尝试使用支持的 DNS 服务器;例如 Google DNS、OpenDNS 和 Amazon DNS 服务器。对于 EC2-Classic,Amazon DNS 服务器位于。对于 EC2-VPC,Amazon DNS 服务器位于 VPC 网络范围 4. Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Google Public DNS 2020-7-18 · Google Public DNS resolvers automatically probe to discover ECS-aware nameservers and have observed the footprint of ECS support from CDNs expanding steadily over the past years. By now, more than 4000 nameservers from approximately 300 content providers support ECS. The Google-Akamai collaboration marks a significant milestone in our ongoing Google DNS, OpenDNS and CDN performance - CDN Planet 2012-2-16 · Google and OpenDNS promise faster and safer DNS lookups and each serves billions of DNS queries every month. It has been blogged about before that using these DNS resolvers can cause (big) problems when requesting content from CDNs, because some CDNs detect the user's location wrong and serve content from far-away servers.

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2020-7-9 · There are a several ways to find geolocation of a user: HTML5 API, Cell Signal and IP Address to name a few. Pairing of IP address to a geographical location is the method we used to provide geolocation data. There are times when you need to identify where your web visitors are coming from. Your Privacy | Public DNS | Google Developers 2020-6-24 · Google Public DNS stores two sets of logs: temporary and permanent. The temporary logs store the full IP address of the machine you're using. We have to do this so that we can spot potentially bad things like DDoS attacks and so we can fix problems, such as …

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Google.com - Current DNS, Historical DNS, Alexa Rank, ISP Instantly fetch all the Current as well as Historical DNS records of google.com - You may check the results at our site or through our easy-to-use API. Home; Geolocation [ Country / State / City ] Google LLC: United States / California / Mountain View: Current DNS of Google.com (17 records found) Type Value; GeoIP Lookup Tool | UltraTools DNS Monitoring. Authoritative Monitoring. DNS Tools DNS Hosting Speed DNS Lookup DNS Query Estimator DNS Traversal Zone File Dump DNS Root Server Speed. Email Tools Email Test RBL Database Lookup. IP Tools Decimal IP Calculator ASN Information CIDR/Netmask What's your IP IP Geo-location Lookup IPWHOIS Lookup. Global Locations - Regions & Zones | Google Cloud