2017 Australia Speedtest Market Snapshot

Australian Internet Service Providers (ISP) List Australia. Ranking 31st place in internet user around the world.. Australia has many internet companies offering high speed connection among them Spirit Telecom service comes with Symmetrical Residential Fiber service at cheaper rates with high speed. SkyMesh was also in top list comes with unlimited data plan at a reasonable price. Optus one of the popular company in Australia. Best Internet For Gaming | Plans, Prices & Guide – Canstar Cheapest isn’t always best – cheap plans often come with low data caps, slow NBN speed tiers, and only a few traffic routes (i.e. through an interstate city instead of your own). Buying a fast enough plan for household needs can mean the difference between happiness and a headache. Australia - Netflix

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Internet service provider satisfaction survey 2019 | CHOICE Who is the best ISP for customer satisfaction? Internode customers were most satisfied with a score of 82%, taking the top spot in every category except value for money, where it was barely nudged out by Dodo – 78% to 79%. Top 5 Australian Broadband Plans for Video Gamers and

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The Best Gaming ISPs for 2020 - PCMag Australia Hawaii's best gaming ISP is once again Hawaiian Telecom with a score of 34.6, well ahead of last year's 52.4. The state as a whole got a 60.6 score. The state as a whole got a 60.6 score. The Best List of countries by Internet connection speeds - Wikipedia Rank Country/Territory Avg. connection speed ()1 South Korea 52.4 2 Norway 48.2 3 Canada 42.5 4 Netherlands 42.4 5 Singapore 39.3 6 Australia 37.4 7 Switzerland 35.2 8 Denmark 34.6 9 Belgium 34.2 10 Japan 33.0 11 Hungary 32.7 12 Czech Republic 31.5